I have jewellery I wear every day, actually I don't even take them off at night. It's my engagement ring, my doctor's ring, three stacking rings that were given to me by T. when we first met. Besides that I wear earrings (which I change fairly often) and a simple necklace with a ring engraved with the names of my "boys" and a small silver key. Sometimes I enjoy adding bracelets or additional rings such as the ones above to spice up the ensemble.

All the rings are made of silver and the one to the left has a smoke quartz stone. Above it to the right is a pretty cool, three-dimensional filigree ring in 830 silver. Below it you'll find an onyx stone, in which it is possible to "look inside," and the one above it to the right has a labradorite stone in brown and turquoise. Last, but not least, is a turritella agate ring with fossile parts.


A beautiful sunset as we're pondering the next step vis-à-vis living quarters. We've been on the lookout for a house for months now and there is one specific house that I have kept my eyes on for quite some time.

Yesterday I noticed that the price had dropped and T. phoned his parents asking whether they, who live closer, could find out more. They were happy to do so and after a while they phoned and said that they in fact were on their way to look at it.

When they phoned the next time they told us all about it and, although there are a few things that need to be done to it, they considered it to be a solid house. Good news so far.

T. hesitates. I'm positive. T. wonders if it's the right location. I can't say much about that. T. is slightly apprehensive about the possible renovation costs. I really like the way the house looks in the photos and the fact that it was built in the late 18th century. The debate probably sounds more polarised that it actually is. I do want the numbers to add upp and T. does want to find a house that would work for us. Well, well... time will tell.

Rose gold

More pink. I've been slightly apprehensive about tinted gold in general and I not fond of purple-tinted gold in particular. To my surprise, however, I did quite like the colour of rose gold, especially when I envision what I will be wearing this upcoming summer and, checking what was available at the moment, I found all of the items above at very affordable prices on Ebay.

Pink period

I'm into dusty pink at the moment, which I think is a lovely colour in spring. The sofa cushions have received new covers and a pink cotton plaid has found a new spot on the sofa. The images above are simply Internet finds exemplifying the muted dusty, pink I was aiming for.

The cushion covers can be found at H&M, the ring at Etsy, and the knitted blanket at Anno 1909. The nail polish is one of my favourites and also one I actually own, the "Rose Dust" from Mavala.

Long time no see

Sometimes life is too busy and there isn't enough time to do all the things I'd like to do. In other cases the tempo has been too high for a long time and there is a need for rest and recuperation, and this is what has been the case for me.

I worked 368 hours of overtime last autumn and this made me cut down on most things just to get back to normality. Now I'm slowly getting back to blogging and all the "extras."

Candy is always nice and this was in fact one of the Christmas presents given to us by the management at work. I can assure you that Thorntons taste very well. We also received cinema tickets, which we haven't had time to make use of yet. Soon!

Winter blue

As mentioned previously, turquoise has for many years been one of my favourite colours and I managed to get hold of the dress to the left at H&M before it disappeared off the racks. Other turqoise finds are the pair of cotton trousers and the furry shawl from Ellos.

I'd like to match this with various silver and pearly accessories (googled on the Internet).

Christmas gifts 2014

Our Christmas has been lovely as we've spent time with family and friends. I usually post the gifts I receive, and this is what I've received this year:

A Sanex deodorant (without parabens or aluminium chlorohydrate), a shower gel with olive oil (and without parabens and perfume) and the Lambretta wristwatch from T., and an olive oil (hand) cream, some shoe cream and the DVD, The Kids Are Alright, (from a Christmas present game), Lise Septimus Krogh's Italiens hjerte from my parents-in-law, the Avène Extremely Gentle Cleanser from my sister and brother-in-law, and, last but definitely not least, the Kenwood Classic Chef KM331, which was given to both T. and myself by his parents, his sister and brother-in-law and his grandmother. Wow, I'm spoiled!

Alice in Wonderland

Yesterday, we watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland as it was broadcast on television and it was just right for T. and myself since we were rather tired from the journey. Some Chinese take-away in addition to this made the evening into pure leisure.


The Christmas season has almost passed, but I can't help but bringing in a dash of red before it's completely over. The bed linen, the dress and the knitted sweater can all be found at H&M. The necklace can be found at Zazzle, the brooch is private, and Zakes Mda's Heart of Redness can be found at Amazon.

Winter white

H&M have their winter sale at the moment and while browsing the website the following rather wintery outfits caught my attention.

The turtleneck knitted sweater, the corduroy trousers, the woolen cardigan, and the knitted scarf all seem warm and comfortable at the moment. The perfume, White Woods, was found at Lyko. The shoes from Rocket Dog are private as is the bracelet.


This evening the last episode of Endeavour aired and it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience to watch the first season's five episodes. A prequel to Inspector Morse, the series is well-written and well-acted with Shaun Evans as the young and intelligent Endeavour Morse. I'm very much looking forward to the second season.


T. was slightly annoyed with me a while ago when I kept walking around in the rain without anything to shield me from it, so I decided to find a fun umbrella that I could keep in my handbag at all times. I found the above one on Ebay at a very reasonable price and delivery was extremely quick.

Colour mania

Dark turquoise or petrol has been a favourite colour of mine for many years, especially when mixed with black or grey. Sometimes the colour is in fashion, sometimes it is not, but at the moment it does indeed seem to be very much in fashion. Perhaps it is time to bunker up?

The winter coat can be found at Bonprix, the suede slouch bag at Amazon, the Esprit scarf was found at Ellos, the jewellery was found at Etsy, the leather gloves were found on Ebay, the shoes from Tamaris were found at Javari and the knitted dress/sweater is an earlier buy (from H&M perhaps four or five years ago if I remember correctly).

I would love to get hold of leather gloves like the ones above in the right size... I'd better be on the lookout.

It's been five years!

I completely missed it (as it happened already on October 13), but now I realised that it was time to celebrate the fact that this blog has been up and running for more than five years now. It has become a database for me to check when we were doing all sorts of things, check which period I was into certain aspects and check when I received or bought various items. It's like a diary that is searchable.

This blog has never been about posting on a daily basis. I've only posted when I felt like it and this is the way I intend to continue. Moving on from the first five years then...

Office accessories

A while ago I managed to get hold of a Bruno Mathsson chair (Eva) to function as a reading chair at work. Since then I've brought a few more objects there to make it more comfortable in my office: a green plaid similar to this one from Jotex, an old cookie jar, a set of black notebooks (found at work), some plants, a cushion such as this one from H&M and a small bowl for my favourite cashew nuts. The wooden bird (or one similar to it) is not something I own or have in my office, but I though it looked good in this spread.

OS X Mavericks

A few days ago, I decided to upgrade to the new OS X Mavericks, a free upgrade, which at the moment seems to work very well. The layout is closer to that of the new iOS 7 for iPad/iPhone etc., which I like a lot. In the process I have also upgraded to the new versions of Pages and Keynote, both of which seem faster and more streamlined. The fact that the Keynote file size dropped from 16,2 MB to 1,2 MB without any visible loss in information is amazing. Not a bad upgrade, so far.

Jimmy Choo perfume

I had an opportunity to try Jimmy Choo's perfume for free and I have to say that it has become one of my favourites. I do like it right away, but it is the subtle tones that emerge after a while that I really love. To me, it smells soft and velvety somehow and it is the perfect scent for this time of year.


Sometimes the only option is black. For some reason I'm drawn towards black nuances at times and it is indeed a common colour in my wardrobe. An entirely black ensemble works well in general, but I often mix black with other colours as well.

Today's spread: A knitted cardigan from Bon'a Parte, a necklace from Urban Clothing, a cashmere scarf from H&M, a Lambretta watch from Josephssons, a shiny handbag from Debenham, a knitted A-line sweater with lace details from Ellos, a pair of leather gloves from H&M and a pair of very comfortable black jeans from Ellos

Matthew Williamson for Lindex

It's always interesting to see the outcome of the various designer collaborations initiated by the the different clothing companies in Sweden. I really liked Lindex's collaboration with Missoni last year, but unfortunately I don't find this year's collaboration with Matthew Williamson as inspiring. Nevertheless, I do think the above blouse might look good with a pair of plain jeans and a simple blazer and the bracelet supporting breast cancer research is always a good buy.

V for Vendetta

We're watching the movie V for Vendetta right now and since we haven't seen it before, we're taking the opportunity to do so. In a society resembling George Orwell's classic 1984, the main characters V (Hugo Weaving) and Evie (Natalie Portman) question and oppose governmental control, and retort to violence in their quest for physical as well as psychological freedom. Loosely based on the tale of Guy Fawkes, but set in a near future, V for Vendetta highlights several important issues and is a very interesting and well-made movie.

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